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Cornell and Ithaca Resources
Campus Resources

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Which Resources are Confidential?

Cornell Health / CAPS

Cornell Victim Advocates 

The Director of the Women’s Resource Center

The Director of the LGBT Resource Center

Ithaca Advocacy Center

University Ombudsman

Cornell United Religious Work Chaplains


Conversations with the university’s “confidential resources” are kept strictly confidential and, except in rare circumstances, will not be shared without explicit permission, as explained below:

Cornell Health and CURW will not share with the university’s Title IX Coordinator or any other university officials any information disclosed to them in the course of providing medical and/or mental health services or pastoral counseling. These conversations may also be legally privileged in the event of a court proceeding.


The victim advocate, directors of the WRC and LGBT Resource Center, and the ombudsman will not convey any personally identifiable information to the university Title IX Coordinator or any other university officials; however, they may share with the university Title IX Coordinator de-identified statistical or other information regarding prohibited conduct under this policy.


The Advocacy Center is independent of Cornell and has no duty to consult with the university.

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